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Because Pop Art is Fun – Photos to Color Charts Part 4

A Very Short Story: I think that sweaters are art.  I always have, and I probably always will.  I find myself in art museums looking at a painting or sculpture and wondering what the artist would have created had they chosen yarn as the medium to convey their idea rather …

Coffee Cups - Before and After

Knitting a Picture – Photos to Color Charts Part 3

Where We Are So Far – Originally, I saw this really great image on the internet and I wanted to wear it.  Because I’m a knitter, I wanted to wear it on a sweater that I knit.  Because I might be a little bit knitting/technology obsessed, I thought that I …

10.11.12 blog entry photo

Knitting a Picture – Photos to Color Charts Part 2

Where We Are – The first tutorial covered some basics:  tool locations, opening an image, basic formatting, and how to get your chart onto paper.  This time we are going to go a little further and actually alter the image before we place a grid over the top and convert …

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