Daffodils in Twelve Rounds

Originally Published October 18, 2012 as Free Pattern – Daffodils in Twelve Rounds

I was working on a small girls’ knitted dress for a friend and felt compelled to add some knitted daffodils to the skirt.  (It’s a Walt Whitman thing.)  The dress is long and white, very cloud-like, and cheerful yellow flowers with bright green stems seemed just the thing to rescue it from the threat of being blasé.

These daffodils are knitted circularly, with the petals formed by cleverly placed decreases and 6 slipped stitches.  They take about 20-25 minutes a piece to make, a set of dpns, and roughly eleven yards of yarn.

Tangent:  Favorite Daffodil Facts

Daffodils are also known as narcissus, and are the national flower of Wales.

Double Tangent:  Wales

Leeks are also a symbol of Wales.  Welsh people wear them for St. David’s day on March 1st.

Daffodils in Twelve Rounds

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Finished Size

From petal tip to petal tip, the diameter is 3.5″ when the gauge is 5sts/inch.


  • 11yds (6g, 0.2 oz) of four-ply worsted weight yarn for one flower.  I used Sugar’n Cream 100% Cotton Lily Yellow #00010
  • Set of four size 3 double pointed knitting needles
  • Yarn needle for finishing


5sts and 6 rows = 1 inch/2.54 cm.  However, any gauge may be used.

To Begin Daffodil (Worked Circularly)

With dpns, co 72 sts over 3 needles, 24 sts on each needle.

Row 1: *K5, sl1, k2tog, pass sl st over the k2tog, k4, repeat from * five more times (six times total) 60 sts

Row 2: *Sl1, k 3, sl1, k2tog, pass sl st over the k2tog, k3, repeat from * five more times (six times total) 48 sts

Row 3: *Sl1, k2tog, sl 1, k2tog, pass sl st over the k2tog, ssk, repeat from * five more times (six times total 24 sts

Row 4: *K1, sl1, k2tog, pass sl st over the k2tog, repeat from * five more times (six times total) 12 sts

Row 5:  Purl all sts

Rows 6-10:  Knit all sts

Row 11: *K1, yo, repeat from * five more times (six times total) 24 sts

Bind off.

Finish by weaving in ends.

Depending on how astute you are, you may have noticed that the pattern name is “Daffodils in 12 Rounds” but the pattern only lists eleven rows.  That’s because I mentally counted the bind-off as a round when naming the pattern.  The pattern is correct in only giving instructions for eleven rows/rounds.
Happy Knitting!

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