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noun  A word defined in a knitting specific manner, usually with the spelling altered to reflect the change in meaning  :  Here is a list of 20 defiknitions.

Now.  Two things:

If you have a severe distaste for knitting-related puns, or puns in general, stop reading here.

For the rest of you.

Most of these blog posts are created entirely under my own steam.  Not so much this one.  And since I am not in the habit of taking credit for work done by other people, I have some credit to distribute before we get started on what could be the greatest single change to Scrabble since Noah Webster standardized spelling.

First, to the largely invisible Red Herring Knits editor and webmaster who spent just as much—if not more—time on this list as I have.  Without their contribution, not only would I have missed several potential defiknitions, but the grammar and usage in these example sentences would have been entirely subjective and the parts of speech left to the laws of quantum mechanics & my best guess.  To be perfectly honest, most of these blog posts would have been riddled with missing grammar rules and poor formatting without their assiduous attention.  (If you watch the posts carefully, you’ll probably see them around, quietly making changes, keeping everything looking good and running smoothly. :))  So, thank you.

Second, thank you to the very clever people out on the internet who thought up quite a few of these words long before I bothered to write them down.  They have existed as user names and podcast names and blog names and business names.  In an effort to be fair to them, I provided links beneath the words to the first, and occasionally second and third, google result bearing its name with a preference towards those who have registered it as a URL or business name.  If you feel compelled to google the words on your own, the breadth of wit within the knitting community will astound you.

The defining of the defiknitions is, with the exceptions above, entirely my own work.

Abomiknit noun  A knitted project or garment which is thoroughly hated  :  Mom, I refuse to wear that wooly reindeer sweater. It’s an abomiknit!
link to google result

Cogknitive  adjective  Of pertaining to the mental process of knitting  :  I’ve subscribed to as many knitting magazines as I could find in a hope to improve my cogknitive abilities.
link to google result

Determiknit  noun  The factor which determines the outcome of a knitting project  :  My inability to find the correct colourway was the determiknit for last year’s fair isle sweater.
link to google result

Disproportioknit  adjective  A knitting project whose finished dimensions so not match the project schematic  :  I checked my gauge twice, but the sweater from was a disproportioknit anyway.

Fashioknitsta  noun  A person devoted to wearing knitted articles as a statement of personal fashion  :  Look as her seamless fair isle tunic with short row shaping and matching leg warmers! She’s such a fashioknitsta!

Illumiknition  noun  A moment of knitting clarity which acts as a catalyst for knitting experiences  :  Stepping into my LYS offers unparalleled illumiknition.

Importuknit  1. adjective  A knitting project which demands more time/supplies/skill than the knitter has  :  I finally gave up on my importuknit afghan.  2. noun  The quality or state of being importuknit  :  I’m sorry, but any pattern requiring 60 balls of yarn is just importuknit.

Indetermiknit  noun  A knitting project whose outcome is unknown  :  1. This WIP is currently an indetermiknit.  2. It started as a shetland lace shawl, but now it’s an indetermiknit.

Inordiknit  adjective  A knitting project which is excessively or unusually large  :  In retrospect, agreeing to make 42 afghans by the end of the month for the charity group was an inordiknit project.

Knitsier  adjective  The quality of having more, rather than less, of a connection to knitting  :  Using icord to hold back the drapery was definitely the knitsier solution.

Obstiknit  adjective  An aspect of knitting which refuses to yield the intended result (e.g. patterns, armholes, graphs, etc.)  :  The four-leaf clover lace pattern I’m using is incredibly obstiknit.
link to google result

Passioknit  noun  A knitting project about which a knitter is passionate  :  These space invader socks are my passioknit.
link to google result; also here

antonym Dispassioknit  noun  A knitting project about which a knitter is not passionate  :  I decided to frog all my dispassioknits.

Proportioknit  adjective  A knitting project whose finished dimensions match the project schematic  :  I used the wrong size needles, a different yarn weight, and never checked my gauge, but my cabled, circularly knit, close-fitting pullover was a proportioknit anyway!

Reincarknit  1. noun  A knit project whose source was a previous unfortuknit or abominknit  :  These four pairs of wooly slipper socks are a reincarknit; they were once a reindeer sweater.  2. verb  To make a knit project from what was previously an unfortuknit or abominknit  :  I had to reincarknit the half-made cardigan, so now I have a cabled infinity scarf.
link to google result

Resoknit  noun  A knitting project of knitted garment which evokes strong memories or emotions  :  My grandma’s closet is full of 1960’s resoknit.

Stagknit  adjective  Lack of progress on a knitting project  :  Since the August heat index climbed above 90, my alpaca wool afghan is stagknit.

Termiknit  noun  The last knit garment, pattern, or project in a series  :  The termiknit in EZ’s “The Opinionated Knitter” is for the Adult Surprise Jacket.

Unfortuknit  1. noun  A knitted project or garment which meets an untimely demise of pitiable experience  :  My mother’s pure Shetland wool sweater became an unfortuknit after I accidentally shrunk it in the dryer at the age of 12.  2. adjective  The quality or state of being an unfortuknit   :  After the dog chewed off the left sleeve, I decided not to finish the unfortuknit cardigan.
link to google result

Whodunknit  noun  A detective story or mystery story featuring knitting as an integral part of the plot  :  Maggie Sefton’s Knit One, Kill Two is the only whodunknit I’ve read. alt. spelling: whoduknit, whodunnknit
link to google result; also; also; also

Like all good word lists, this one is incomplete.  There are many other knitting puns out on the web, and in an effort to keep this first list concise, I chose to focus on words where the change in spelling did not significantly change the pronunciation.  This means that some very clever words were excluded.  Many of the words I did included are used in multiple places by multiple people, and I sincerely hope that with time and effort, knitters will be able to have as enduring impact on language as they have on fashion and technology.  So if you have any other defiknitions up your sleeve, feel free to comment below, and maybe we can work our way towards joining the common parlance, and eventually, Urban Dictionary.  🙂  You never know. . .

Happy knitting everyone!

*Google links for search term Defiknition: here; also; also;

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