Red Herring’s Helpful Household Hint #1

Über short post this time, as I’m in the process of trying to organize my knitting projects and this website for fall.  Normally, I leave my projects in a sort of creatively-inspired upheaval, but I happen to know that I will have less time than normal to knit in the upcoming months :(, and I’m hoping that some extra orderliness in my stash will help me feel motivated to finish whatever project I find myself working on.

DSCN1491My favorite thing to use to organize projects is the clear zipper plastic bags that come free with the purchase of linens, curtains, valances, blankets, etc.  They’re fairly durable, almost waterproof, available in an assortment of sizes, and—best of all—they’re free. 

DSCN1490In case you’re the sort of person who doesn’t buy linens/curtains/blankets at a rate commensurate with your knitting projects, it helps to become known as a helpful sort of person who loves to take “useless” packaging off others’ hands.  In my case, I have great friends who are almost always willing and thoughtful enough to let me “help them” with the packaging, in addition to helping them install a new kitchen valence.  (Waverly, anyone?)

So hopefully, armed with organizationally under-girded zeal, my stash of yarn and knitting projects will remain productive throughout the upcoming months, despite a schedule which has—quite literally, I assure you—rattled my knitting needles.

Thanks to the webmaster, you may also notice some improvements around the website and blog.  We have repaired some quirky (I won’t call them malfunctioning) links, added some brand new social media icons next to the search bar in the header (Huzzah for Craftsy and Ravelry!) updated the pattern pages, and added some behind the scenes stability just in case our server decides to crash unexpectedly in the middle of a website update (which actually happened this past six months).

Finally, a new series of patterns are in the works for release over the upcoming months.  No due dates, the non-knitting schedule is too unpredictable for that, but the knits exist, the photographs are being taken, and I’m brushing up on all my knitting abbreviations.  Any ideas for how to abbreviate: “drop one st, slip next st, pick up dropped st on L needle.  K2tog, psso; dec 2” ?  Eh, I’m sure I’ll figure something out. 🙂

Happy Knitting Everyone!

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