Knitting Ahead – Spring 2013

I Love to Knit Ahead.

It’s the sense of satisfaction which really appeals to me.  The knowledge that even though a sweater may take me two weeks or three months or a couple years to finish, it is done before I need it to be.

With this in mind, I often start knitting gifts and projects well in advance of the official due date. For example, a sweater dress for the birthday of a friend’s daughter in six months was started a month ago.

Difficulties do crop up.  Sizing is one issue–children grow quickly in erratic spurts, so I consult various size charts and usually knit a size larger than what I think will be expected.  Also, beyond the usual dye lot caveats about purchasing yarn, yarn colors go in and out of fashion just like everything else.

I expect difficulties when trying to match the yarn colors from British 1970’s knitting patterns.  What is more aggravating is realizing the purple yarn I bought last spring no longer matches anything in the stores, because season trends have taken us away from “Grape” and left us with “Plum.”

To combat this, I consult Pantone.  Arguably the Fashion World’s color dictators, if a color appears on the Pantone chart, you can bet it will appear on the store shelf; on dishes, pillows, shoes, purses, dresses, and eventually yarn.

Pantone released the Spring 2013 Color Chart about a month ago to coincide with the New York Fashion Week.  I gobbled up a copy, and immediately set about matching yarn available now with what will be in the stores next summer.

If you are interested in knitting that far ahead, I suggest you take a look at what colors will be fashionable in the near future, and plan accordingly.  Or you can enjoy the fruits of my labor, and just keep reading.

Pantone Spring 2013 and Some Matching Yarn

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